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Three Reasons I came up with:

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What reasons do I have for the groups of 3 people above to join my affiliate program?

The first group is really simple. Click Here and sign up. You will get an email with the link you send to people in an email. I will even give you sample emails you can send.

The second group is also easy. I pay up to 50% of the product price for people who buy because of you. Plus I help train you on how to sell my products and give you lots of information you can use to do so.

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More Detail
When you sign up you will get a link to send to people and/or put on your website. This link will automatically send people to my sign up page for me free e-courses. -

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Then if/when they buy something from me, you get a percentage of all future sales.

The information I share with people is great so many of them usually take my recommendations and purchase additional products from me.

You can also easily send people to specific places if you them to purchase a specific product you like.

The links to the left (and up) are places you can send people to directly purchase my products you are recommending.

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Dr (at)
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